High standard of education

Development of IT and AI technologies including smartphones and IoT home appliances is unstoppable. Now, everything in our life is connected to internet and these technologies are essential. As you can imagine here, the needs of having science-related education are increasing.This means that human resources with advanced knowledge in science-related field such as Mathematics and IT are demanded so much that they do not have to worry about not finding jobs after graduation. And, in order to gain advanced knowledge in these fields, you should attend Japanese universities which offer high level of science education.

As shown in the table above, OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)/ PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) shows that Japan holds high level of education in science-related fields. In addition to this, there are 24 Nobel Prize winners and many of them are in science-related fields such as Physics and Chemistry. This indicates science education in Japanese universities are of high standards. By studying abroad, it is possible to gain language skills, international awareness and abilities required to succeed in this international society. Yet, in addition to these skills, by studying in Japanese universities, students can get a higher level of science education compared to other countries So, it can be said that Japanese universities are in the ideal environment where students can learn necessary skills to survive the coming era and to succeed in this global society