Spirit of craftsmanship

What comes to your mind when I say, “Made in Japan” ?
I assume that many people think of not only precision machineries such as cars, cameras and watches but also small products like pens, which all are high-quality, durable and easy to use.
Products from “Craftsmanship Japan” have a high reputation around the world and the major reason for it is “spirit of craftsmanship” . An example of “spirit of craftsmanship” such as “Toyota Production System (TPS)” including “Kanban System” and “5S KAIZEN” is handed down from traditional artisans to modern times and is referred as a good example in the world. And nowadays, various organizations and companies utilize it.
You can feel the Japanese “spirit of craftsmanship” while living in Japan, and it will give you a surprise and will impress you, where you will have an awesome experience. Through studying in Japan, you can learn and become acquainted with the world renowned “spirits of craftsmanship” and you can receive this benefit only in Japan.