Low cos

In a sense, studying abroad is an investment in your future. Here, the risk of the investment is the cost required for studying abroad.
Then, do you know in general, how much money you need for studying abroad? Let’ s take an example of studying abroad in the United States. It is usually said that at least 25 million yen (roughly equals to 230,000 USD) is required for tuition and living expenses for 4 years of studying. In addition to this, in the case of studying in other popular study destinations such as the United Kingdom,
Canada and Australia, more than 15 million yen (roughly equals to 140,000 USD) is required for 4 years of studying. It is definitely not a low cost.
On the other hand, when you have a look at the case of studying abroad in Japan, about 8 million yen(roughly equals to 72,000 USD) is required for 4 years of study. This is around one-third of the amount required for studying in the United States. As you can see, the low cost can be also said as a great advantage of studying in Japan. Although we do not judge the pros and cons of studying abroad only by looking at the cost, we can surely say that studying in Japan is a low-risk investment in your future compared to other countries.