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A comprehensive university with 12 faculties and 20 departments.
Musashino University is a historical and traditional comprehensive university that will greet its 100th anniversary in 2024.
Learn diversified knowledge, shape your possibility and fly on the stage of the world!


Faculty of Entrepreneurship

Department of Entrepreneurship

Based on lofty aspirations and solid ethics, learn the entrepreneurial spirit of forging ahead without fear of failure to find and create new value.
The specialty of the faculty is the teaching members of active entrepreneurs and the course content centered on practical subjects. It aims to train students to become practitioners of creating value from zero to one by engaging various people through independent action.

Faculty of Global Studies

Department of Global Business

While improving English and Chinese, learn all business courses in English.
Companies that communicate in English are emerging, and there will be more and more opportunities to use English in Japanese business. While improving the ability to use English and Chinese, which are indispensable in international business, we should also learn to use English in business (management, accounting and financing, trade, etc.), and cultivate talents who can be active in the global business community.

Department of Global Communication

In addition to learning multiple foreign languages, it also provides an educational environment that emphasizes intercultural learning.
In the environment where Japanese students and overseas students are studying together,the research-oriented subjects are implemented throughout the course. While actually experiencing the multicultural situation, students also learn the abilities of language, intercultural understanding and international education. Using the ability of foreign language communication as the center, through the learning of basic content, master the knowledge and skills of language and culture.

Department of Japanese Communication

While communicating with foreign students, target for Japanese teachers
With the globalization and the increase of Japanese learners at home and abroad, talents who can teach Japanese and spread Japanese culture are needed.To meet the needs of the times, we should learn subculture including Japanese language and Japanese culture together with foreign students, learn the knowledge and ability necessary to become a Japanese teacher, and cultivate talents active at home and abroad.

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Environmental Systems Sciences

To create a sustainable future through liberal arts and science learning
"Environmental Management" and "Environmental Education /ESD" are the two bases of learning. Through independent courses such as "Environmental Project", cooperate with enterprises, administration and citizens, to cultivate talents who can realize "sustainable social construction", cultivate the ability to create a sustainable future through the practice of knowledge integration in liberal arts, science, or other fields not limited to specialized knowledge.

Department of Mathematical Engineering

In the highly informationized society, it is necessary to master the skills of mathematics, science and engineering.
Talents of modeling natural and social phenomena to understand, and apply them to system design, or data scientists who find the essence of problems from big data, etc., master the special ability of mathematical engineering, and cultivate talents targetted for building a sustainable development society. With the technique of mathematical engineering, we can learn the special ability that can be used flexibly in various fields.

Department of Architecture

Learn professional skills and knowledge, master application ability
The course requires students to take actions. Flexible talents in modern society pursues not to think before acting, but to think while acting. Through the study of this major, cultivate the foundation of technology and knowledge, as well as execution. The advantage of this major lies in actively applying for construction competition projects and winning many awards.

Faculty of Economics

Department of Economics

Develop insight and judgment by analyzing a wide variety of economic phenomena
By analyzing various economic phenomena in modern society, we can cultivate in-depth insight and the ability to interpret with correct judgment.It is suitable for students with financial intention, civil servant's intention, private enterprise's ambition, education and research's intention, focusing on future study.

Faculty of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Learn the management of "people, objects and things"
Starting from the basis of business management, learn business strategy, marketing, business organization, etc. With the future career plan consistent with the performance model as a reference, you can learn efficiently. At the same time, the actual participation in industrial exhibitions and enterprises,experience the forefront of modern business, while deepening the understanding of knowledge.

Department of Accounting and Governance

Take accounting as the center, study accounting of various organizations and make full use of theories of these organizations
For all students, we offer courses aimed at accounting experts such as certified public accountant, tax administrator, financial accountants of listed companies, etc. Starting from the bookkeeping method, learn the structure of accounting and finance, establish the business strategy of enterprises and organizations, and learn knowledge that can mobilize organizations.

Faculty of Data Science

Department of Data Science

Create new value from big data and create a happier future according to AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Cultivate talents who master the relevant technologies of artificial intelligence, with the ability of data interpreting and analysis,creativity of finding new value from data, and the ability of innovative business.

Drive AI to create value from big data, with the goal of cultivating data scientists.

Faculty of Literature

Department of Japanese Literature and Culture

Deepen the study of Japanese literature, culture and language, exercise the ability of expression and speech
Feel the charm of Japanese literature and culture, and interpret the profundity of Japanese language, so as to cultivate rich sensibility and raise the concenn for human's problems. In order to master reading ability, expressiveness, creativity and criticism, the "literature. language course" and "culture .creation .art course" have been set up, which can be learned according to your own interests.

Faculty of Law

Department of Law

To cultivate talents who master practical legal knowledge and legal thinking ability that contribute to the realization of a happy life, and with symbiotic perspective and contribution to social regulations.
The goal is not only to cultivate legalist, but also to train necessary legal knowledge and thinking mode, fair and legal judgment (legal spirit) in the field of business, administration, justice and international organs as well as in daily life.

Department of Political Science

Shoulder the foundation of democracy, master the ability and technology to engage in politics and administration
Start from the surrounding regional society to learn the political system and political situation of Japan or other countries in the world, learn the social environment around, master the ability and skills required as a citizen as well as the public spirit and symbiotic perspective, and cultivate talents who contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

Faculty of Human Science

Department of Human Sciences

Solve all kinds of problems we face directly and master the ability of comprehensive manpower
Sociology, communication, philosophy, religion, psychology, human science, welfare, physical education, health science, health care, hygiene, biology and life science

Department of social welfare

Aim to be social workers who can listen to 'the voices from people's minds'.
Learning knowledge related to, but not limited to child/family welfare, region welfare, the welfare of the elderly, and the welfare of the disabled, with the goal of becoming a social worker who can take on the responsibility of building a symbiotic society.

Campus address

Ariake Campus
3-3-3 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Kokusai-Tenjijo Station / 7 minutes' walk to the campus
Kokusai-Tenjijo-seimon Station / 6 minutes' walk to the campus
Ariake Station / 7 minutes’ walk to the campus

Musashino Campus
1-1-20 Shin-machi, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo
JR (Chuo, Sobu lines) take bus from 「Kichijoji」 Station. Approx. 15min. to Musashino University Walk for 0 minute
JR (Chuo, Sobu lines) take bus from「Mitaka 」Station . Approx. 10min. to Musashino University Walk for 0 minute
JR (Chuo, Sobu lines) take bus from「Musashi-Sakai」Station. Approx. 15min. to Musashino University Walk for 0 minute
Seibu Shinjuku Line Get off at 「Tanashi」 Station and take a bus. After about 5 minutes, get off at Shiseigakusha Tokyomae. Walk for 5 minutes.