Public University Corporation, University of Nagano


Change the World with Energy.
It is always the enthusiasm of students to move the world to change in an unexpected direction.
Based on a wide range of perspectives, we nurture students’ communication skills to build relationships with various people and management abilities to make achievements jointly while respecting diversity, and let them become talents who can think and act independently. We also encourage and foster talents to carry out self-employment and open non-profit organizations to contribute to the development of the region; cultivate talents who can challenge the new system within the organization, and cultivate talents who can make innovation in various fields with global vision and become regional leaders.


Faculty of Global Management Studies

Department of Global Management Studies

In the first year, determine self's aptitude, and in the second year, select a course belongs to own from three courses.
■ Global Business Course
Learn management knowledge on business management such as business administration, economics, accounting, law, etc., and train management skills and practical skills to move things and organizations to change from a global perspective

■ Entrepreneur (Business Founder) Course
Learn knowledge on entrepreneurship, business succession, second establishment etc, and develop a concept and practical ability to set up a new business to solve problems of society and the region with broad perspective and flexible idea.

■ Public Management Course
Learn knowledge on public management such as administrative organization and local autonomy system and train planning skills and practical skills to solve regional issues.

Campus address

No.7, Chome-49, Miwa 8, Nagano

■Get off at JR Nagano Station, transfer to Nagano Electric Railway (6 minutes by train) and get off at “Hongo” station (10 minutes on foot)
■Long-distance bus (15 to 20 minutes’ ride), get off at "Shiroyama Complex" (5 minutes on foot)